Client wishes looking back

Have you ever built a house and thought, “I wish I would have done *such and such* differently.”? Not all of our clients have the luxury of custom designing multiple homes and learning how to do it the way they truly want in the process. If you’re in that boat and want to learn how to do it right the first time, then keep reading because today we are sharing the things our clients have told us they wish they did differently!

01 – Go bolder

The biggest detail that we’ve heard is thatclients wish they had the confidence to go bolderIf you’ve gone through the home design process before, then you know that looking at a collection of material and fixture samples is different than looking at the way those samples have transformed into the details of your home. The ratios are different, and without accounting for wall space, the samples can often feel bolder than they do in the actual home. It’s easy to be scared of going “too over the top”, and in turn, choosing material finishes that can feel “flat” or “dull” when all is said and done. 

02 – Add the extra detail

Similar to going bolder in your material finishes, it is always worth adding extra details. Small material samples can feel like they’ll do a lot for your space, but if we’re not accounting for every detail, then it’s easy for the design to still fall flat. Elements like wall treatments, ceiling treatments, light fixtures, and window treatments go a long way in finishing off a space. Don’t just select the necessary elements in a home, but rather go the extra mile to make your home feel above and beyond!

03 – Create more contrast

Whether you gravitate towards the “white on white on white” trend or not, it is still imperative that you add contrasting elements to each space. Dark/rich colors may feel like they’re going to be overwhelming, but with lighting and open space, those dark tones actually add a level of comfort and coziness that is good for mental health and impressive design. Even for neutral palettes, you will still need at least 20% contrast in order for that room to feel balanced and not sterile. Remember, dark beams, pillows, and cabinet hardware will go a long way! 

04 – Accent the walls

We mentioned this in the “Go bolder” section, but it is an element we can’t stress enough! Plain, drywalled walls are not as fun to look at as wallpaper, plaster, shiplap, or paneled walls are. Artwork will add a lot to each room, but it will add up in cost, and there is such a thing as “too much artwork” in a home. In contrast, there is no such thing as “too many wall treatments”. If you balance the two correctly, they will fill your home nicely and make it stand out as that “impressively designed” house! 

If you are going through, or plan to go through the design process with us then these are all details that we will educate you on in the process. As your “personal shoppers and curators” we account for all of these elements when designing your home! That said, nothing is finalized until we get your stamp of approval on the selections. If you don’t intend to use us as your interior designers, then listen to what our clients have told us in the end, and be confident in your designs! Don’t be afraid of the personality and add the details! Each element is what pulls your home together and gives you that joy and fulfillment when the home is completed and the work is done. 

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