Creating a moody space

Let’s talk about moody, cozy interiors and how to create them. We know summer has just kicked off, but no matter what is happening outside, sometimes all we need is a cozy nest at home to help us through the hard days. So whether you have been following the home design trends or not, we are here to help you create your own sanctuary in the form of moodiness!

01 – Start with a confined space.

For a space to have the capability of emulating that true sense of moodiness, it must be a confined space.. meaning, it must be separated from other rooms. This is most commonly done with a door, but is also able to be accomplished with lowered flooring, archways, etc. You want to walk into the room and instantly feel transformed into another dimension. If there is no breaking point between the desired space and other rooms, then it will create a sense of confusion and questioning instead. Dining rooms, powder bathrooms, offices, and closets are the most common and ideal applications since they give that sense of coziness and confinement at their core. 

Having the room be temporary or short term is another consideration when selecting where to have your moody space. It can be difficult on our minds to be in these bold, moody spaces for too long since that sense of confinement can often transfer into our thoughts and feelings. Where we want to create a sense of intrigue and excitement, we don’t want to create any potential negative repercussions in the process. Think of creating a ’boutique experience’ and you’ll be on the right track!

02 – Lean into the bold element. 

When you envision moody spaces, you’re most likely thinking of bold elements in one form or another. Whether it’s a wallpaper, color, or wood tone. We like to recommend starting with that one bold element as your jumping off point. If it’s a color then read below for recommendations on starting there. If it’s a wallpaper, then lean into that! Think about what you want to grab the eye first and then run. Plus, since you’re most likely designing a smaller space, using a more expensive element such as wallpaper is less likely to break the bank!

03 – Dark colors are the fundamental element. 

This one may seem redundant, but needs to be said nonetheless. Dark tones are the epitome of moodiness and in turn, the essential ingredient in the creation. Whether you’re a neutralist or a color-lover at heart, take your favorite color and go down to one of the two darkest shades. That color should be the base of your creation, and likely, the wall and/or ceiling color. If you’re using a wallpaper instead of a paint color, try to select a wallpaper that pulls that color at its base, or at least coordinates with it. For a true moody space we do recommend including the ceiling in your color depth rather than keeping it white. This will truly complete and pull the space together in that feeling. 

Now that you’ve found the base tone for your moody space, pull in other rich tones that coordinate with color. This may be emulated in the form of wood tones, metal tones, or even other colors. You want this space to be dynamic, so incorporate other rich colors and textures in for a truly balanced and bold palette. 

04 – Create contrast.

You may think that moody spaces are exclusively dark colors, but that’s actually not correct. You want approximately 80% of your surface area to be darker, but you then want the remaining 20% to give contrast. This could be done with gold light fixtures, lighter book spines, marble countertops, etc. What this will end up doing is giving place for and letting those darker colors shine. Without it, the room will feel flat and overwhelming. Think bold and think contrast!

05 – Pull in life with books and artwork.

Last but not least, lean into your personality with the details! Do you love to read? Incorporate some of your favorite books! Love history and antiques? Bring in some vintage art pieces and picture frames. True moodiness is bold, but also cozy. Let that coziness in with touches from your life. Maybe it’s souvenirs from your world travels, or a gallery wall of framed music sheets. Whatever it may be, this is your time to let it out!

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